In the moment

I can’t say enough how much the Daily Love has helped and inspired me.  My mom introduced me to the Daily Love.  She is always filling me up with wisdom and the answers to most of my problems, so thanks to her I can live more at peace (sometimes).  I’ve made it a ritual to read this newsletter by Mastin Kipp every morning before work.  Some of the messages don’t pertain to my situation or how I am feeling everyday, but boy when the message smacks me in the face and I get chills, I know God was answering my prayers. Sometimes I just need clarity.  Being a highly sensitive person, I analyze EVERYTHING, get worked up over silly stuff, and sometimes feel relief if I stop and just look at the BIG PICTURE. Here is a link to an article to find out more about the characteristics of a highly sensitive personality

Moving on to what smacked me in the face, (yet again) this morning while reading my Daily Love, was the quote found at the end of his message:


It’s quite simple to understand this message. It’s also simple to live out this message day in and day out if we have the FAITH to go with it.  I think the key words to fulfill this way of daily life are “knowing that you are provided for”.  Being provided for may not always be what you envision.  God wants us to live abundantly and be fruitful; but to some, they have the desire to strive for all the expensive luxuries such as their home, cars, clothing, handbags.. etc.  I like nice things, but I also realize that you have to step back and acknowledge all that God has provided for you for your mere survival. Being grateful for having a shelter, a vehicle so that you may drive to work and in return receive a paycheck are a few examples.  We have to change our way of thinking about what God is “supposed” to provide for us. FIrst of all, we don’t deserve anything. So take that idea out of your rear end. God BLESSES us. God has mercy. God is forgiving. God is loving above all. I believe God is rewarding in intangible ways.  I also believe that if you work hard and treat those that have helped you get to where you are in your success that you deserve every bit of that money and can spend it how you want. I’m just trying to break down how you can live as this quote says daily. Get all the other crud out of your mind, and stop planning every step of your life. Let it go and let it just happen. Certainly, don’t fly by the seat of your pants, but take Faith and apply it to your actions daily and take risks.  Get out of your comfort zone, and just appreciate the day.  

I know I went on a rant and went outside my lines, but I just feel it’s crucial to get your head in the game the right way first.  So, each day from now on, try to be present in everything you do.  The people you are around especially if you are spending time with a loved one is the most important time of your day. Listen to their words, be active in those conversations.  Be aware of how others are feeling. Laugh and enjoy life’s little moments. 

I am ending this very long post with something my mom just said on Facebook in response when  I posted this quote. It makes me laugh considering what I shared with you at the beginning. : )

“When we are sad, we are living too much in the past.  When we are anxious, we are living too much in the future.  All we really have is this moment so live in gratitude!”

Ain’t that the truth?!

Yep, she’s awesome. : )

xoxo Lauren