God’s Birth Plan

The past few days I have been thinking about the birthing experience I am about to embark on in a few short weeks. Along with trying to think of the things I need to prepare for my little boys arrival, I knew I needed to have some sort of birth plan in mind. I am all too aware that when the moment comes to give birth, your “birth plan” can sometimes and will most likely go right out the window. It’s all about that baby and getting him or her born safely. With that said, here are a couple of things I know that I would prefer for my delivery:

Epidural– Yep, that’s a no brainer for me. I am a WIMP! My mom delivered me without any pain interception. When she had my brother, she had what was called a “saddle block” and she was unable to sit up and hold him after he was born because of it. So when she gave birth to me, she wished to have zero pain medication so that she could hold me. ­čÖé

It is quite scary how much I am like my mother (in a good way!) but my sensitivity to pain and my mental strength came from somewhere else. Which might I add, my mental muscles are the HARDEST muscles to work on.

So, with God’s blessing, and if the timing is right, give me that epidural!

Donating Chord Blood/ Delayed Chord Clamping – Still undecided on this one. I will have to seek God’s answer in prayer on the right choice

As you can see, I am just showing up for the party and letting whatever happens, happens. My faith in God is solely where I rest and He is who I will be connected to on that beautiful, blessed day when our son is born.


Wow, how AMAZING (this calls for the word amazing, y’all) are God’s words here? In this verse, I find peace, comfort, love, and mercy. It is such a cool thing to know God has Hank’s life already in the books. My son has a purpose on this earth that he needs to fulfill for God. God LOVES him. God made him! And God chose Dave and I to be his parents. Wow. I feel so humbled (and a little nervous!) that God is blessing us and trusting us with this child. (This is hanging above Hank’s crib)

In such a blessing as this, I can’t help but feel pressure. It is up to Dave and I to nurture our son with God’s word. To set the example for him of what love and giving is, forgiveness and faith. Such a huge job to take on. I know we cannot do this without God’s word and constant prayer.

Throughout my pregnancy I have completely put my faith in God. That’s financially and physically. He has continued to provide for us, as He always has. He has kept my body healthy, given me the strength to carry and grow this baby. So my birth plan is going to be God’s plan.

I felt God wanted me to share this with you all this morning, and especially share this with my pregnant mommy friends.

My┬ápart in God’s Birth Plan is focusing on scripture to help me cope with the possibilities of pain like no other and stamina to get through the laboring. I searched online and quickly found what I was looking for. I will be printing this out and packing it in my hospital bag!

Scriptural Encouragement for Preparing & Giving Birth

This was just what I needed. I want to connect with God and my husband completely on this day peacefully and without fear. All the Glory goes to God!

I hope this testament is one that gives you all courage and faith in the days to come and reassure you of God’s power and love for ALL of us. God’s love for us is like no other and we have to let Him help us. He longs for us to be close to Him and to trust Him. ­čÖé


xoxo Lauren