Tune it out

Hello friends, and HELLO WEEKEND!

It’s quite beautiful outside here in East Tennessee, but BURRR is it cold! Where did our lovely spring weather go?  Surely this is the last of it.

While the little guy is taking his afternoon nap (can I get a woop woop!), I’m relaxing on the couch listening to some music and wanted to share a song I love with you-


I’ve really been hooked on Spotify lately. It’s so much easier to use than Pandora and I find there is SO MUCH more variety in the music.  My favorite is to browse the pre-made stations and selecting one that fits the mood I am in.

Most of the music I am in to these days is mellow and instrumental.  I love jazz and anything with acoustic or electric guitar.

I especially love any song that has lyrics that seem to fit right in to my life. There always seems to be a random song that will pop up that will cure my thoughts. You can relate, right? That’s the great thing about music. We can connect with it in such a way that it helps us cope with the many good and sometimes bad experiences life brings.

There is so much of the world that can creep in and influence our thoughts and then our mood if we let it. Sometimes worry and anxiety kicks in after that if we don’t take control over our mind.  I’ve mentioned before my mind muscles are a work in progress and music and God’s Word really help to strengthen them.

While listening to the “Sunny Side Up” station, a Jason Mraz song came on that I hadn’t heard of before. It just clicked with me and it’s like it was God’s way of reminding me not to worry. : )

Here is the song that has rocked my world and reminds me to “live in the moment”. Enjoy!


Well, hello there, SPRING!

hellow spring

Hallelujah! It’s the first official day of Spring!

Looks like it’s going to be yet another cloudy and rainy day here in Tennessee, but I will take it because we need that rain for all of the beautiful flowers to grow!

I love spring – the sunshine, the breeze, colorful clothes, and lots and lots of beautiful flowers. I love wild flowers in particular and would love to plant some around my house.  I am no green thumb, I’d like to be, but I have to be honest with myself and save my money. I buy, I plant, I forget. Money down the drain. Surely, if I bought the pansies that sit outside of the home improvement stores and plopped those down in the flower pots on my front porch I could keep those alive. Just water them right?

Any-who, here are some pretty flower pictures I found on Pinterest

spring wildflowers

Oh, this picture is just so dreamy. I love assortments of color with all different sizes and heights!

135b0338690979ad6afbdd10764fb128I would LOVE to have this nice arrangement on my front porch. The rich colors are scrumptious and I love the stone planters. Someone come fix this up for me and tell me what to do to maintain. : )


I am not a fashionista or anything, nor do I always keep up with the latest trends. It’s simple, If I think it looks cute and works with my body type and is comfortable, I’ll buy it. With that said, I need to buy some spring clothes. These outfits are my kind of style of comfy and cute.

spring look2

spring look

spring look 4

spring look 3


Some fun Easter recipe’s I would love to make. I have a huge sweet tooth right now and my mouth is watering looking at these. Check out Wine and Glue for the recipe and pretty photos of these yummy Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles


I found this Easter egg confetti surprise cake on Pinterest but can’t find the recipe anywhere. I am on the hunt for a good bowl pan to bake each cake in and then do the rest free hand. The idea is to make this every Easter for Hank as a nice treat after an Easter meal. Isn’t it cute?


I hope everyone has a great Friday (Woot Woot!) and a fantastic weekend.

xoxo Lauren

New Things, Fun Things!

Thing 1

We live in an older home and let’s just say the windows are stuck in the 70’s…literally.  I’d really like to have all of the windows removed and have new ones put in.  Until then, I’m working on making them beautiful from the inside..out? : )

My bathroom window used to have a half-length brown curtain that was existing when we bought the house. It’s only use was for privacy, but I could still see the remaining part of the window and it’s metal panes.

I bought some beautiful fabric from Jo-Ann, measured, and snipped away.

I have a really nice sewing machine and I like to sew but this Momma ain’t got time for that these days… for now at least.  So, I bought some permanent iron-on adhesive to hem it up. I REALLY love this print and the colors and every time I walk in my bathroom it instantly makes me happy.


Thing 2

I ordered some glass spray bottles for my essential oils a few days ago. Mixing up some linen spray today. I also ordered some eucalyptus and citronella essential oils to make up a mosquito repellent for our summer days and our yearly trip to St. John. Really hoping this works better as it will be a much safer and healthier alternative than the toxic deet sprays!


Thing 3

Joyce! Joyce! Joyce! She’s the woman! I signed up for a free subscription to Enjoying Everyday Life magazine (I actually forgot I did this, so it was especially a nice surprise in the mail today!) and got my first issue today. There isn’t a whole lot to it but I am an anxious to read about her outreach and ministry a little bit more. Also, I picked up her Power Thoughts daily devotional while I was at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy reading a quick scripture and a message  from Joyce everyday.



Happy Wednesday!

xoxo Lauren

There’s a baby in the nursery…

I’m baaaaack!

Hello again! It’s great to be back y’all.

I wanted to do a quick post because I have been itching to get back on here and quite frankly I am so exhausted!

Flash forward a little over 6 months and here we are with a precious baby boy. I must confirm, God’s Birth Plan was perfect. : )

We were blessed to have our family in town and present to see our sweet Hank the morning he was born. Oh happy day!

Now, the main juicy part of this post is the fact that my child is SLEEPING in his CRIB in HIS ROOM for the first night ever! Silly me, thought we would have him in his room much sooner, and I am sure our pediatrician would have recommended it, but we went at our own pace and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found doing what feels most comfortable and natural is what’s best for Hank and I… not what the books say. I’m a rebel I know. ; )

I’ve got two monitors on him, so far so good!

IMG_5444 IMG_5445

So peaceful!

I am on vacation next week and I plan on whipping up some fresh and fun posts for y’all!!

So, what can you expect to see from this blog?!?!

  • Pinterest projects
  • Products I love (household, beauty, baby, and mommy stuff)
  • Home organization
  • Inspiration and thoughts
  • Life as a Mom
  • Crafts (stitchery, paint, and messiness)

Thanks for stopping by friends : )

xoxo -Lauren