There’s a baby in the nursery…

I’m baaaaack!

Hello again! It’s great to be back y’all.

I wanted to do a quick post because I have been itching to get back on here and quite frankly I am so exhausted!

Flash forward a little over 6 months and here we are with a precious baby boy. I must confirm, God’s Birth Plan was perfect. : )

We were blessed to have our family in town and present to see our sweet Hank the morning he was born. Oh happy day!

Now, the main juicy part of this post is the fact that my child is SLEEPING in his CRIB in HIS ROOM for the first night ever! Silly me, thought we would have him in his room much sooner, and I am sure our pediatrician would have recommended it, but we went at our own pace and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found doing what feels most comfortable and natural is what’s best for Hank and I… not what the books say. I’m a rebel I know. ; )

I’ve got two monitors on him, so far so good!

IMG_5444 IMG_5445

So peaceful!

I am on vacation next week and I plan on whipping up some fresh and fun posts for y’all!!

So, what can you expect to see from this blog?!?!

  • Pinterest projects
  • Products I love (household, beauty, baby, and mommy stuff)
  • Home organization
  • Inspiration and thoughts
  • Life as a Mom
  • Crafts (stitchery, paint, and messiness)

Thanks for stopping by friends : )

xoxo -Lauren


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