New Things, Fun Things!

Thing 1

We live in an older home and let’s just say the windows are stuck in the 70’s…literally.  I’d really like to have all of the windows removed and have new ones put in.  Until then, I’m working on making them beautiful from the inside..out? : )

My bathroom window used to have a half-length brown curtain that was existing when we bought the house. It’s only use was for privacy, but I could still see the remaining part of the window and it’s metal panes.

I bought some beautiful fabric from Jo-Ann, measured, and snipped away.

I have a really nice sewing machine and I like to sew but this Momma ain’t got time for that these days… for now at least.  So, I bought some permanent iron-on adhesive to hem it up. I REALLY love this print and the colors and every time I walk in my bathroom it instantly makes me happy.


Thing 2

I ordered some glass spray bottles for my essential oils a few days ago. Mixing up some linen spray today. I also ordered some eucalyptus and citronella essential oils to make up a mosquito repellent for our summer days and our yearly trip to St. John. Really hoping this works better as it will be a much safer and healthier alternative than the toxic deet sprays!


Thing 3

Joyce! Joyce! Joyce! She’s the woman! I signed up for a free subscription to Enjoying Everyday Life magazine (I actually forgot I did this, so it was especially a nice surprise in the mail today!) and got my first issue today. There isn’t a whole lot to it but I am an anxious to read about her outreach and ministry a little bit more. Also, I picked up her Power Thoughts daily devotional while I was at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy reading a quick scripture and a message  from Joyce everyday.



Happy Wednesday!

xoxo Lauren


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