Tune it out

Hello friends, and HELLO WEEKEND!

It’s quite beautiful outside here in East Tennessee, but BURRR is it cold! Where did our lovely spring weather go?  Surely this is the last of it.

While the little guy is taking his afternoon nap (can I get a woop woop!), I’m relaxing on the couch listening to some music and wanted to share a song I love with you-


I’ve really been hooked on Spotify lately. It’s so much easier to use than Pandora and I find there is SO MUCH more variety in the music.  My favorite is to browse the pre-made stations and selecting one that fits the mood I am in.

Most of the music I am in to these days is mellow and instrumental.  I love jazz and anything with acoustic or electric guitar.

I especially love any song that has lyrics that seem to fit right in to my life. There always seems to be a random song that will pop up that will cure my thoughts. You can relate, right? That’s the great thing about music. We can connect with it in such a way that it helps us cope with the many good and sometimes bad experiences life brings.

There is so much of the world that can creep in and influence our thoughts and then our mood if we let it. Sometimes worry and anxiety kicks in after that if we don’t take control over our mind.  I’ve mentioned before my mind muscles are a work in progress and music and God’s Word really help to strengthen them.

While listening to the “Sunny Side Up” station, a Jason Mraz song came on that I hadn’t heard of before. It just clicked with me and it’s like it was God’s way of reminding me not to worry. : )

Here is the song that has rocked my world and reminds me to “live in the moment”. Enjoy!


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