Spring is here and I couldn’t be more excited for beautiful flowers, flip flops, and the warm sunshine on my skin. I’m so pale you can see every vein and artery in my body.

But, that’s not what I’m really blogging about.

Let’s cut to the chase…


(My amateur photography set-up and shooting with an iPhone skills. Ha!)


Whew. I held out 4 weeks longer than our  announcement with Hank.

Here is the traditional gummy bear picture of our sweet little nugget.

Here is how I told my work family (thanks Pinterest!)

I have a history of bringing donuts in to work so this was perfect! I just told everyone there was a special treat down in the kitchen. : )

And here’s our big guy in his “scoop” shirt. That boy is in for a rude awakening! I think he is going to be a fantastic Big Brother once he gets the hang of sharing…does that ever happen?!

All the glory and thanks to God for this additional blessing to our family. Your Will be done, Lord.

Stay tuned for more posts. Last time I was pregnant, I got the blogging itch. It happened again. I’ve got more material this time!



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